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23rd Nov 2013

George Zimmerman may have once again felt the cold click of handcuffs this week, but the negative impact of the “Zimmerman Effect” has been felt by more than George and the women in his life. Remember when Spike Lee casually retweeted what he thought was George’s address, but it happened to be the address of an elderly Florida couple instead? Upon discovering the error of his ways, Lee immediately removed the tweet, but it was too little too late for Elaine and David McClain, who soon found themselves incessantly harassed by the anti-Zimmerman faction. In March, Lee apologized and settled for $10,000.00, but according to the McClains, the harassment, including death threats, have continued, in particular in the aftermath of Zimmerman’s controversial acquittal. Now, in their latest lawsuit against Lee, the couple claims the settlement only covered damages through the March 2012 settlement date and did not include suffering which occurred afterwards. While the court filings are silent as to the amount of damages the couple seeks, they are allegedly over the one million dollar mark. Lee has filed a motion to dismiss, arguing the lawsuit violates the terms of the settlement agreement by filing in Florida, but more importantly, the settlement brought an end to all issues between the McClains and the filmmaker. The McClains had one bite of the apple and it netted them $10,000.00.

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