30th Nov 2016

24th Nov 2013

This is NOT a game. This is pure moronic criminal behavior by weak, ignorant, stupid, cowardly PUNKS. Criminal charges may include Hate crimes, attempted murder, depraved murder (if a death results) among others.

23rd Nov 2013

George Zimmerman may have once again felt the cold click of handcuffs this week, but the negative impact of the “Zimmerman Effect” has been felt by more than George and the women in his life. Remember when Spike Lee casually … more

20th May 2013

The Juice is loose! And, he’s talking! For the first time since OJ Simpson ran afoul of the legal system back in the 90s, OJ Simpson took the stand in his own defense this week as he fights for a … more

21st Dec 2012

GUN CONTROL: The Obama regime did nothing with respect to gun control since his inauguration.   Now, after Aurora and finally Newtown, everyone is all of a sudden focused and concerned and seeking ways to stem the 10,000 per year deaths … more

30th Oct 2012

Shades of Rutgers University and Tyler Clementi.  Here, 16 year old Anders Hemdal was caught on a school trip abroad, actually on board, having sex with his girlfriend.  The act was video-taped by another student who then released the tape … more

Monster energy drinks are sold in 24 ounce cans and contain 7 times the amount of caffeine in 12 ounce colas.  The FDA allows soda to contain 71 miligrams of caffeine per 12 ounces to be safe however, energy drink … more

Oh to grow up a spoiled asshole with a sense of complete entitlement and Oh how his father would have been humiliated by the conduct of his son.  We all have read stories over the years of babies being stolen … more

The School’s goal is to promote health by providing a great workout while students also get a chance to burn calories, improve flexibility, relax and reduce stress.  The mandatory yoga classes meet twice a week for 30 minute sessions.  Can … more