Another Sense of Self-Entitlement For A Kennedy

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30th Oct 2012

Oh to grow up a spoiled asshole with a sense of complete entitlement and Oh how his father would have been humiliated by the conduct of his son.  We all have read stories over the years of babies being stolen from maternity wards.  The aforementioned conduct has lead to strict procedures for the removal of newborns and include child alarm bracelets.  Seems ole Douglas Kennedy (son of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of President JFK) decided at 7:30 PM he wanted to have a chat with his newborn outside of the hospital, so without seeking permission he removed the alarm bracelet and attempted to take his infant outside of the facility.  During the brief walk his inexperience in handling infants was apparent as witnesses say they saw the infants head bobbing up and down – and this was not a heavy metal concert.  Thankfully, security was alerted and  his mission was thwarted.  During the course of preventing Dougy from taking his infant outside, seems Dougy kicked a nurse and twisted the arm of another nurse.  Of course, the defense suggests it was only after nurses were physically attempting to remove the infant from his arms that he instinctively sought to protect his child and reacted the way he did.   After Kennedy was criminally charged, seems the Kennedy spin machine began attacking the nurses involved and in response, the Nurses told their story to NBC Today Show and hired Civil Personal Injury attorneys.   The defense that the Nurses approved of the removal is completely inconsistent with hospital protocol which mandates a Supervisor sign off and numerous forms being filed, etc.  Westchester County is very conservative and the Kennedy name today is NOT what it used to be.  Make a deal fast Bro.

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